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When you have a child and you love that child with everything in your heart and think there is no way I could love anyone more than this and then you end up having another child, do you love that second child less? Society has taught us all our life that you are only to love one person and one person only. We believe that it is ok, to show your love. We love each other so much that we enjoy seeing each other happy and fulfilled even if it's a need being met by someone else. It's about being happy. It doesn't mean we love each other less. We feel that it is actually loving each other more. We feel that is being unselfish of each other. Some people won't and never will agree with this choice we/you make being in the lifestyle, however they will never feel the special kind of love that a Poly relationship brings. It's not about a kinky sex lifestyle or not being happy at home it's about embracing love and sharing it. We enjoyed a Poly Triad for over a year and while the relationship didn't work out. We had some great times and made awesome memories. Our goal is to create a safe place for like minded people to come and share their experiences, ask questions & create a support system for people interested in the Polyamory lifestyle without the fear of being judged. We are open to all races, genders and sexual preferences.  
We are a happily married couple of 15 years. I guess you could say we think outside the box compared to most people in Arkansas. We truly believe that it's ok to love more than one person. We believe that one person doesn't necessarily give another person everything. This could simply be mental, physical or even emotionally.